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Khai Hoan superior Spa & Massage Club, operate purely, famous over 20 years of health care experience, reduce fatigue and tension. We sincerely thank you for your interested and support us. With only 400.000 dong, you will enjoy sauna, dry sauna, soak in hot/cold tub, soak in red Dao medicine leaves. You also experience enclosed – services such as back rub, shampoo, haircuts, face shave, air wax, wind shave, face massage, foot massage. You can set your mind at rest here about tips. We provided “distinguished guest” a 400.000dong included tips for that you have not to worry. Once you come to Khai Hoan Spa & Massage Club, you are all our VIP guest. We will meet all of your demands about room for family, friends, your close relative with 2 persons, 3 persons in order to serve you at the best way. Once again, we would like to thank you for your interested and support Khai Hoan Spa & Massage Club. See you at our new ground at 624 Lac Long Quan 5 Ward 11 District, Ho Chi Minh City, together we relax and enjoy our best services at Khai Hoan Spa & Massage Club.

New ground, new address, new prices, but we make sure that you will be served with all our heart, best quality to ensure our aim which is relax and cheery.

Khai Hoan Spa & Massage Club – No Branch is an incomparable place for both men and women, very suitable for a family to relax and take care of health.

Spa và Massage Khải Hoàn

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Grand Opening 20% Discount

Relaxation and refreshing are the goals of Khai Hoan Spa & Massage.

New facilities, new prices, new address!

624 Lac Long Quan, F.5, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City

Perfect place to relax is unique.

Khai Hoan Spa & Massage

624 Lac Long Quan, F.5, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City

(+84 28) 3975 6420 / 3975 6421 / 3975 6422

(+84 28) 3975 6419

Khai Hoan Spa & Massage